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Frequently Asked Questions Topics:

  • Can more than one person report?

    Yes. Whoever sets up your Reporting account will become the Account Administrator (you can reassign this to someone else later). The administrator can then send an ‘invite’ to anyone within your church to join your account. They will then be able to access your account and share the responsibility for reporting.

  • Can I search for a song using its first line?

    Yes, the Reporting search should still find your song. However, when a song is registered with CCLI it is most commonly done under the song’s official title which is often different to the first line. This occasionally causes confusion for the reporter. For example, Stuart Townend’s The Lord’s My Shepherd is actually called Psalm 23. Some have asked why the Reporting site won’t let you search by first line. It does, but sometimes the search result won’t match your search criteria because you searched by first line and the result is the song’s title. A good example of this would be a search for Graham Kendrick’s From Heaven You Came Helpless Babe which will return The Servant King as the first (and correct) result.

  • Can we use a file-sharing website to distribute music copies to our musicians? If so, how do we report this?

    Of course, you can use shared data sharing programs to help your musicians prepare. You need a valid CCLI licence and it should be ensured that the use of the provided notes is only used internally by your well-known musicians and for preparation.

  • If we use the same photocopies of songs that we copied in a previous licence period, do I need to report them again?

    No. You need only report each time a song is reproduced.

  • My Verification email didn’t arrive

    You will be sent a verification email when you create your User Account with a link that you must click within 24 hours to complete the sign-up process. If you haven’t received this email it’s likely that it got caught in your junk mail philtre, so please cheque there first. Then, if you still haven’t received it, please contact Customer Support or call CCLI at +49 6202 85931-0

  • I can't find a song. It doesn't come up in the search results. Why can't I see it?

    If a song is covered by CCLI’s licences, it is called authorised. There are a small number of popular and regularly sung songs which are not covered by CCLI and these are referred to as Unauthorised. The Reporting website features all songs authorised under the Church Copyright licence (CCL). If you can’t find the song you wish to report, please check carefully that you are entering the correct details. If you still can’t find it, it could mean a couple different things. The song information may not yet be submitted to CCLI by the publisher, or it may mean that you have reproduced an unauthorised song. In each case there is no need for you to report any activity. Please note, however, that permission to reproduce unauthorised songs must be obtained directly from the publisher.

  • Why does my search return so many results and how do I know I've selected the right song from the list?

    Unfortunately, songwriters don’t always choose unique titles for their songs, and there can often be several versions/arrangements of the same song by different authors. This can cause some challenges when trying to report a specific song. The ‘POPULAR’ feature is there to help, showing the most common titles. If you find multiple results with that same song title, please check the names of the authors and copyright information to determine which song you need to report against.

    TIP: If you click on the ‘i’ symbol next to a song title in the list of search results it will display further information about that song including the author, catalogue and copyright details, lyric preview and often a sound sample too.

  • How do I find more help?

    You’ll find help-guides at

  • The person set up as our Account Administrator has left. How do I change this?

    Only the Administrator can add or remove users and change who the Account Administrator is. If this person is no longer around, please contact Customer Support or call us at +49 6202 85931-0

  • I’ve made a mistake, can I go back and change it?

    Yes, you can amend your report at any time during your assigned reporting period. To make a change, click History, choose the song you wish to edit, click the arrow to the left of the song’s title, then the three dots to the right of the reporting categories.

  • Can I still complete my report at the end of my licence period?

    We recommend that you report as you go. With Reporting you can assign as many users as you need to your account. This means that everyone who reproduces songs or makes copies can take responsibility for reporting. But if you find yourself in a situation where you have not reported weekly, yes, at the end of a reporting period you can still complete your reporting activities.

  • How do I know how many times we’ve already reported a song?

    You can see how many times a song has been reported within the current reporting period. Click History, choose the song you wish to edit, then click the arrow to the left of the song’s title to see a list of previous reports of that song.

  • Do I need to Report even though I don’t have any copy activity?

    Yes, it’s still important to report. To do so, simply log in to the Reporting website and click Nothing to Report.

  • How do I set up a SongSelect account?

    SongSelect is a subscription service available to churches which hold a Church Copyright Licence. When your church purchases a SongSelect subscription, we’ll send you an Email containing your church’s Access Code. Follow the instructions in the email to set up your account. The person who initially sets up the account becomes the Account Administrator (though you can change this later). Once you’ve set up your account, you’ll have the option to ‘invite’ members of your church worship/PA/projection team to join your account, who will then become Users.

    As an individual, you can set up a free SongSelect account at any time. This free account will give you limited access to SongSelect, including full access to the resources of songs within the Public Domain. A free SongSelect account is a great way of trialling SongSelect before you purchase a church subscription.

    If someone in your church already has a FREE (Public Domain only) SongSelect account, they can simply link their existing account to your church subscription using your church Access Code. They will then have access

  • Do I need permission to download songs legally?

    It is illegal to download words and music from websites that are not authorised by the song’s copyright owner. As long as your church holds a current CCLI Copyright Licence, you can purchase SongSelect® and download songs legally.

  • Do I need to report the songs I download from SongSelect®?

    Churches do not need to report they have downloaded lyrics or printed chord/lead sheets from SongSelect®, this is recorded automatically by SongSelect. Reporting for the CCLI Copyright Licence would be required If these copies are subsequently reproduced e.g. lyrics projected or lyrics/music photocopied.

  • Is there a limit to how many songs I can download?

    Lyric downloads have no limit. SongSelect Advanced and Premium allow you to download/print sheet music for up to 200 distinct songs per year. Additional songs can be purchased in increments of 50 upon request. However upon renewal any downloads left over would be lost.

  • Can I upgrade part way through the year?

    Yes. Please contact our Sales department or call us at +49 6202 85931-0 for more details.

  • Does SongSelect® link up with my projection software package?

    Some software packages incorporate a feature which links to your SongSelect® account. Contact your supplier for more details or visit our list of official API partners.

  • How can additional users be added on our church's SongSelect® account?

    Additional users can be added at SongSelect®, simply choose “Create Account.” Once you have created your account you will be able to “link to an organisation” which will require your church access code. This code can be obtained from any administrator of your SongSelect account. Alternatively once you have created your account an administrator can invite you to the account by using the tab “Link user to the Account.”

  • Do I need a CCLI Copyright licence to purchase SongSelect®?

    Yes. An existing CCLI Copyright Licence is required to purchase any version of SongSelect®.

  • What is a unique download?

    A unique download would be one individual song. A church would have 200 downloads per licence period. If a song is printed off in a different key or if multiple copies are printed of the same song, this would still only count as one unique download.

  • How many users does SongSelect® permit?

    Your church can have unlimited users on SongSelect® and they can access SongSelect from any web device. Each user will need to create their own personal account and log in details and then they will be able to link to the church account.

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